The Virtual Reality Experience at St. Ingobertus Fair in St. Ingbert

 1st  to 3rd October, 2022

Visit us and grasp the functions of a human heart!

The virtual heart of Cardiolectra can be experienced at the Ingobertusmesse in St. Ingbert. The regional exhibition in the Saarpfalz remains THE consumer fair in the Saarland and will take place this year from October 1 to 3, 2022 around the St. Ingbert town hall, in the town hall and two tents.

Cardiolectra is co-exhibitor at the booth of the Marienhaus Group. The Marienhaus Group is a church-owned healthcare company that operates hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, hospices and educational institutions, among other things, and is the largest area healthcare provider in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

For visitors, it’s exciting to literally grasp a heart by walking through it, seeing how blood cells and heart valves work, and much more. They experience the heartbeat, can admire the functioning of this fascinating organ and understand the development and healing from diseases so much better. The experience is unforgettable and a main attraction at any trade show. We invite you to come by!

Presentation of the virtual heart at an event at Herzzentrum Berlin/Brandenburg